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Questions about the new SurePath™ collection technique?
Click the following links to view the following pdf files for more information. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. Don't have Acrobat Reader? Click here.

Blue Mountain Pathology also utilizes the Focal Point Slide Profiler in the cytology department.  The Slide Profiler is an FDA approved instrument which pre-screens pap smears prior to manual review.  This technology improves performance in routine pap screening by providing an additional level of screening.  The Slide Profiler uses an embedded high speed video microscope to analyze pap slides and rank them based on their likelihood of containing an abnormality.  All slides screened by the Focal Point Slide Profiler are also screened manually by our cytotechnologist, however using the Focal Point allows the Cytotechnologist to review slides according to their rank, thus spending more time on slides more likely to contain an abnormality.  Blue Mountain Pathology currently utilizes the Focal Point Slide Profiler for liquid based pap smears only.

Based on clinical study performances, the Focal Point Slide Profiler has demonstrated:

  • 32% reduction in false-negative pap smears
  • 16% reduction in false-positives
  • 99.6% repeatability of slides marked-for-review

Insurance companies recognize the benefits to the patient of the Focal Point; consequently, Medicare, Medicaid and most other insurance carriers provide payment for this charge as billed under the CPT guidelines.

BD Focal Point Slide Profiler Technology - Adding Confidence to Your Medical Care


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